If you are in the top selection foundry experience the following problems?

    With the strength to speak express service

    01 Strong corporate strength, give you confidence

    • Wear-resistant castings professional manufacturers, the annual output of 15,000 tons, to build China's first brand wear-resistant castings.
    • It has two sand production line, a V-method casting production lines, a lost foam production lines, two sets of 5T electric furnace, two 3T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 2 1T intermediate frequency electric furnace, creating the largest wear-resistant castings design, development, manufacturing, Production base.

    02 cost-effective products, to let you be tempted

    • Plans to build sample processing, provide cost-effective solutions.
    • Fast delivery, cost-effective, cost savings up to 10% -20%.
    • JYS professional manufacturer, mass production, low cost, factory direct, primary sources, without intermediate links, cheap sales save you money.

    03 efficient production efficiency, so do not worry

    • Parts first inspection passing rate of 99%; a finished product inspection passing rate of 97%; manufactured products pass rate of 99%; customer feedback processing rate of 100%.
    • Always follow every process is responsible for each product is responsible for the quality policy for every user is responsible for, and dedication to customer service.



           Hubei JYS advanced wear-resistant material technology Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huaqiang Chemical Group, 50 km from the Three Gorges Airport, adjacent to Jing-Yi Expressway, traffic location advantages. The ...